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Pike’s Peak or Bust – Apple Farmer Racing 2010

  • Jun 15th, 2010


Apple Farmer Racing took on the 88th running of the Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb in June 2010. Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb is the second oldest motor sports event in the United States:  a 12.4 mile, 156 turn race through my butts to Pike’s Peak’s 14,110′ summit. The race forces competitors to climb over a mile and race through sheer dropoffs and dangerous switchbacks.

We were the only 4 cylinder car to finish in a large vintage class of American v8’s. We’re also the first Volvo in the race since 1958. Our final time of 15:15 wasn’t quite where we wanted to be but we chalk it up to a rookie attempt and are already redeveloping the car for next year’s event.


2009 La Carrera Panamericana

  • Oct 16th, 2009

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Check out the our run at the 2009 La Carrera Panamericana – a hardcore rally race spanning all of Mexico.

Enjoy the site and be sure to follow our updates beginning October 21st 2009.


Volvo Modifications: Engine Stabilizer

  • Apr 10th, 2009

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Third motor mount

I’ve been using some stock Volvo 544 mounts to keep my engine in place in my 71 volvo 1800. I’ve been using these particular mounts because they have an approximate 1″ thickness vs. the stock mounts 1 3/8″ thickness and give me hood clearance needed by the supercharger. Over time, the amount of torque and traction produced by the car is a bit much for this design. Autocross starts are 4500 rpm clutch drops on race tires and a sloppy downshift on a road course can transmit a lot of energy to these mounts. Recently one of the mounts let go and sent the forward edge of my compressor into the sheet metal of the hood. This sucked, time to fix it.

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